Hemanta Ke Niye


Hemanta Ke Niye


Publisher- Sumitra Prokashoni

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The romanticism associated with the name Hemant Mukherjee will never be lost. Which relies on a real, humane, psychological atmosphere. The clean charm of a full sleeve shirt and dhoti unites both the artist and the audience. So even today Bengalis are very consciously keeping in mind his simple and clear singing.‘Hemanta ke niye’ is not just to pay homage to Hemant in his centenary. This book evaluates autumn in a new way. Shankarlal Bhattacharya’s rich Bengali prose is an attempt to make Bengali life harmonious. Where the artist and the person Hemant are equally. Both are fulfilling each other.Hemant was the first ‘star’ artist to win the hearts of the listeners with both Rabindra Sangeet and modern songs. The song ‘I didn’t fall in one day this autumn’ tells the story of his life. Hemanta is full of the life of Madhabit Bengali. While reading this book, only Hemant and Hemant will resonate in the mind of the reader.


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