The writings of Shankarlal Bhattacharya bring a fresh breath to the mind of the reader. His enviable prose touches our hearts when Shankarlal writes about legendary personalities in the field of culture. His books on Ravi Shankar, Bilayet Khan, Satyajit Ray, Uttam Kumar, Hemant Mukherjee etc. are essential resources of Bengali library.
Satyajit Ray’s various interviews and the book written about him ‘Satyajitke Niye’ is the best resource of Bengali literature. Much like the book ‘Anger’ or ‘Good Moment’. This book is a harmonious evaluation of ‘Hemantake Niye’. Hemant’s song ‘Surer Akash Tumi Yeh Go Shukatara’ can be sung to the tune of this book is like Shukatara in the sky of literature.
Shankarlal’s writing never rusts. Much like Hemant Mukherjee’s song. Every writing in this book is rich in the sweetness of Hemant’s artist and personal life.

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