Publisher- Patra Bharati


Pages- 288

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Roshan, a rather ordinary lad, set foot in Ashapur and he was immediately drawn by the pristine sky, the verdant paddy fields, lush greenery and the tuneful chirping of birds. Little did he know that this seemingly peaceful village was enveloped in the toxic breath of Palan Naskar- a notorious gangster who was disrupting the lives of the common people and threatening their very existence each moment. Roshan did what nobody in Ashapur had dared before- he confronted Palan in an encounter that will be forever etched in the minds of Ashapur residents! How does Roshan, with nobody by his side, take on Palan and his army of men? With the theme of ‘Good over Evil’ at the epicentre, Anish Deb has penned a compulsive page-turner. Protighat will challenge and baffle the reader every step of the way.


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