Harinarayan Chattopadhyay was born on 23 March 1918 in Bhabanipur, Calcutta. He moved to Burma a few years after his birth. That was the beginning of his education and career in that country. He started his career as a lawyer in Rangoon Court after passing his BA from Rangoon University. Twenty-five long years spent in Burma. When World War II broke out in 1940, he had to return from Burma to his ancestral home in Calcutta.
The first novel, Irabati, was published serially in Desh in 1948. One of the books written for children is the mask of fear and the eyes of stone. There have been many movies from his story. The movies ‘Avisarika’, ‘Ashant Ghurni’, ‘GT Road’ and ‘Muththi Bhar Chaul’ were made in Bengali. Loved acting in plays, his house was regularly rehearsed at Charu Avenue. He also participated in many radio dramas. He played the role of patriot Jatindra Mohan Sengupta in the 1949 film ‘Chittagong Armory Looting’.He gained considerable fame in short stories, mystery stories, ghost stories, comics and novels. The multi-talented man wrote Shyama Sangeet and won many medals in recitation. In recognition of his work, he received the Motilal Award in 1972 and the Tarashankar Award in 1986. Died January 20, 1971.

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